Monday, October 20, 2008

Undrcrwn X Shady

Okay peoples i have to play catch up with my blog sorry for the delay. Last week I was invited to the release of " The Way I Am " book event and nort. I went with my partner in crime The DOC. We released the Detriot Slim Eninem x Undrcrwn shirt. It was a good look. I got a chance to give the shirt out at the event to some influential people. Shouts out to my people Datwon Thomas from xxl, Ebro Hot 97, Riggs from shady.


Okay people I have been gone for a while. I was watching football a couple of weeks ago. Usually Jordan commercials are the best sports spots but this new Nike spot is so CRACK it gives me goose bumps. It makes me think in your life who are going to bump into in the future. I just hope it not a football safety.

VB is coming

Be on the look out for VB here is a tip. Stay tuned

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Beanie Sigel from Little Tank on Vimeo.

Vibe Adidas

Check out the next phase of vibe magazines sneaker colab. This time they are doing it with ADIDAS. Ill be waiting for mine lets see what happens. Shouts out to Yu Ming at Freshnessmag.